Social Accountability

CONSIG – Ilha Grande Bay Sustainable Development Council

Through its CEO, this entity’s founder counsellor, Portobello Resort & Safari strongly acts for the achievement of the works proposed by CONSIG, which operates in all communities of the Ilha Grande Bay composed by the municipalities of Paraty, Angra dos Reis and Ilha Grande, Angra’s district, in addition to supporting neighbor towns like Rio Claro and Mangaratiba. For a better understanding we present below CONSIG’s Mission and Objectives:



To be an instrument in helping to overcome the challenges of preserving the environment and at the same time continue to develop the region, in a sustainable way, as well as to discuss the main initiatives and act as a great catalyzer next to the Municipal, the State and Federal spheres of government, the private initiative and the community.


  • To promote and support projects and actions aiming the region’s social and economic development, in compliance to environmental and natural resources sustainability, and linked to the local potentialities and attributes.
  • To promote, suggest and support action aiming to improve the regional population’s quality of life, in the areas of infrastructure, health, education, security and occupation of the ground, next to the public power and aligned with the principles of sustainable development.
  • To take part in the preservation and promotion of the region’s historical, cultural and artistic heritage.
  • To take part in the management of funds raised to promote the region’s sustainable development through financing programs.
  • To take part in the management of the public- private partnership body, related to the sustainable development of the region.


equoterapiaPortobello Resort & Safari, in partnership with Mangaratiba’s City Hall, promotes a “therapeutic horseback riding” with adults and children with special needs, who find in this activity an instrument for the development of their motor and sensorial capacities. The Resort takes part in the project by supplying the necessary structure, such as horses, equipment and guides, in a safe and peaceful place. All the process is followed by physiotherapists and a medical team which are made available by the municipality of Mangaratiba.”

llha Grande’s Young Ecological Brigade

brigadaThe Young Ecological Brigade has the purpose of preserving the island, maintaining the beaches and tracks clean, as well as motivating education and raising awareness about the importance of the environmental preservation. The Young Brigade provides work, health, education and citizenship to the youth, improving their instruction and increasing the exercise of their rights and duties as citizens.

At the same time, in its activities, the Brigade provides services of extreme relevance to preservation, the local society and tourism.